Checking In with Latitude: The Return of Sports?

Checking In with Latitude: The Return of Sports?

Understandably, the last few months have been a rollercoaster for a little business in the Denver Tech Center whose very foundation is rooted in sports and event planning. It's important to note the resilience of a small, but mighty staff who quickly adjusted to the work-from-home life. It gave birth to so many new ideas and a timely makeover to the retail side of things. You may have noticed we've branched out onto Ebay! We've been adding new items with an emphasis on small, unique collectibles from our owner's personal collection - there are some really one-of-a-kind items! Check out our current auctions: here.

One tough adjustment? We miss our customers! It can be a whirlwind, but we love every step of the process when it comes to athlete signings and bringing some of the best fans into our store to meet their favorite player. Here's a look at one of our favorite summer signings - Charlie Blackmon!

It's hard to say when we'll be able to safely host another signing, but we are cautiously encouraged with the gradual return of sports. We know firsthand how sports can be a necessary escape and look forward seeing some of our favorites back in action. Mark your calendars for August 1st! Per Vic Lombardi, "we'll have Nuggets, Avs, Rockies all in the same day. All potentially one after another." It's going to be a schedule like never seen before with so many of our favorite sports happening all at once.


The Nuggets and Avs have had some time away to rehab any injuries and send forth a healthier than ever squad. It'll be exciting to see what this means for their playoff run - there's an extra layer of unpredictability that may work in their favor.

Calder contender, the Avalanche's own Cale Makar, will get to make a final case for rookie of the year and a healthy Mikko Rantanen makes his return; and as a bonus, a newly trimmed Nikola Jokic is in top form to compete for the Nuggets as well. Will whoever wins the championship be forever marred by an asterisk alongside their title?

Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Champions 2020*.

Is it cheapened or is there a perception of a greater challenge for teams to stay healthy during a pandemic and win a championship despite coming into the playoffs cold. As a fan, I'll always welcome a championship, but it does sting a little having seen the potential of each team - especially the Colorado Avalanche. They were primed to make a strong playoff run, and we'll never know if they could have pulled it off conventionally.

At the end of the day, there are bigger things going on. I hope more than anything the players still love what they're doing and feel the drive to compete just the same. I'm hoping for their continued health and safety in everything they do; afterall, being healthy and poised to compete is their livelihood.

I'm looking forward to a new way of enjoying the sports that I love. Imagine being able to hear the crack of a bat in an empty stadium. Every stride as skates take to the ice. It's not what we're used to, but it will be a new experience we all get to embark on together.

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