Colorado Rockies: The Missing Pieces

Colorado Rockies: The Missing Pieces

The Colorado Rockies have made some huge steps this offseason by solidifying their bullpen. Through their signing of relievers Brian Shaw and Wade Davis, the Rockies have made it obvious what they wanted to focus on this offseason, pitching. On paper, the Rockies now have one of the best bullpens in baseball with players like McGee, Ottovino, and Rusin. 

Now that the Rockies have solidified the back end of their pitching staff, there are a few more steps they will need to take to make themselves contenders. The two pieces the Rockies still need are; a veteran pitcher and a power hitter. 


Veteran Pitcher:

Option 1: Lance Lynn

Lance Lynn has pitched for 5 years in the Major Leagues and has averaged 32 starts and 189 innings per season. Although he has had Tommy John surgery, this veteran pitcher may be the type of player that the Rockies need to solidify their starting rotation. 

Option 2: Alex Cobb

Similar to Lynn, Cobb has also had to recover from Tommy John Surgery. As a 30 year old veteran, Cobb produced a 3.66 ERA last year and a 2.82 ERA in the two years prior to his surgery. If Cobb is able to produce similar numbers, he could be a great addition to a young but strong Rockies starting lineup.


One More Big Bat

The Rockies may lose Carlos Gonzalez this year and should not have to continue to rely  solely on the hitting of Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon to fuel their offense. To continue their productive offseason and to become legitimate playoff contenders, the Rockies need to sign another power hitting player to strengthen their lineup.


Logan Morrison

The power hitting first basemen could add some serious strength and power to an already dangerous Rockies lineup. This could be an especially important pickup with the aging Mark Reynolds at the back end of his career. 


Alex Avila

The Rockies signed catcher Chris Iannetta this offseason, but will need someone who can hit for a bit higher average consistently.  Avila was the 20th ranked free agent coming into this offseason and could solidify the back end of the Rockies line up.


Any other players you would like to see on the team? Let us know what you think about the article and who you think would be the best fit for the team.

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-Spencer Brown

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