The Kids are Allright

The Kids are Allright

The Rockies are coming off the heels of a 3-game win streak at home, and it couldn't come at a better time. In a climate where the strikeout rate increases with each passing season because of specialized relief pitching, hitters face more and more challenges at bat. The Rockies have struggled a little bit at home, so it was only a matter of time before their offense really began to connect and make plays. The youth of this club leaves a lot to be optimistic about.

Trevor Story is reliable. He's played 103 consecutive games, and with the 2nd baseman experiment in LeMahieu's absence due to injury, Trevor Story holds down the middle and remains flexible no matter who's playing 2nd.

David Dahl is really becoming a welcome sight in the Rockies' rotation. He's been out of the lineup the past couple of games due to injury and will sit out tonight's game against the Giants; but, Dahl's remained a consistent contributor offensively ever since his call up in April in relief of an injured Carlos Gonzales.

Kyle Freeland is proving to be a precocoious player on the mound and in the batting lineup. Freeland pitched 6 innings and doubled in the Rockies 11-4 win over the San Francisco Giants last night. This local player is developing into an ambitious player right before our eyes.

Jon Gray's pitching aptly embodies high risk, high reward. Gray has increased his strikeouts and reduced his walks, but is simultaneously allowing a fair amount of hits and runs batted in. It's a middle ground that Rockies' pitching staff can certainly work with - especially if they plan to remain competitive with pitchers around the league who offer a little less predictability.

While we're at it - Nolan Arenado is still Nolan Arenado.

Rockies conclude their series against San Francisco tonight at Coors Field with Jon Gray getting the nod to start. 

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