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Mickey Mantle Autographed Photo with "T.C.1956" Inscription - James Spence LOA



Capture a piece of baseball greatness with this Mickey Mantle autographed photo, featuring the notable "T.C.1956" inscription. This exceptional item is authenticated by James Spence LOA, verified on July 3, 2024.


  • Authentic Signature: Genuine autograph by the legendary Mickey Mantle.
  • Special Inscription: "T.C.1956" marking Mantle's memorable Triple Crown season.
  • Certification: Includes a James Spence Letter of Authenticity. Authenticated in shop at Latitude Sports Memorabilia (LSM) on 7/3/2024 and expected at LSM in 8 weeks
  • Limited Edition: A rare collectible for passionate fans and collectors.

Secure this remarkable piece of sports history at Latitude Sports Memorabilia.